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All the skills needed to confidently create & manage your WordPress Website

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After Completing The Course…

You’ll understand how your site works and confidently use it to your advantage as your site evolves
(without hiring a developer!)

Feeling Clarity

By building a strong and secure foundation and optimizing your site for growth

Feeling Confident

By understanding how your site works and easily managing, editing and updating your site yourself

Feeling Clever

By quickly implementing new features yourself as your site and brand evolves

No more letting the tech limit your potential or prevent you from growing your blog or business!

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your Guide

Hey There! My name’s Jess – I’m a web designer and WordPress theme developer and I run the website sugarandcode.com where I women just like you, launch their blog and website from scratch as the foundation for their own entrepreneurial journey. After helping 1,000+ women start their own site with my Web Design Kits, I kept hearing the same WordPress struggles and frustrations again and again. So I create this WordPress course as the solution to those pain points, providing clarity and confidence!

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